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ITZA – What does it mean?  

ITZA – What does it mean?   If you have ever received a report from a Surveyor on a High Street retail unit, it is likely you will have seen the phrase ITZA. This is an abbreviated term meaning In Terms of Zone A, which is a tool Surveyors use to compare rental value throughout retail […]

Business Rates in Retail Property

Business rates in retail property With new rateable values for the majority of properties just around the corner, we set out what changes will be seen within the retail sector. The majority of retail properties will see their rateable values reduce as these are based on rents back in April 2021. There has generally been […]

Does a mezzanine have a rental value?

The presence of mezzanine accommodation within commercial premises can often lead to debate between a landlord and tenant – does it hold a rental value and, if so, how much value can be applied to it? A compliant mezzanine is considered to be a substantial structure with a permanent staircase, constructed to building regulation standards. […]

Negotiating new leases for telecoms mast sites

The introduction of the Electronic Communications Code in 2017, along with the more recent Product Security and Telecommunications Infrastructure Act (PTSI) 2022, sets out changes made by the Government in order to promote telecoms provisions to the general public, as well as assist new and advanced infrastructure being put in place. This Code was introduced […]

When do you need a probate valuation?

When do you need a ‘Probate’ Valuation? You need a probate valuation for Inheritance Tax (IHT) purposes. IHT is a tax payable on a person’s estate after they have died; their estate includes money, goods/assets/possessions and property, and these must all be valued in order to assess whether IHT is payable.  The valuation must be […]

How are pubs doing? Spring 2023 update

How are pubs doing 2023 With news of pub closures being announced Mike Easton at Vickery Holman looks at the market and speaks to publicans and brewers about their experiences during the winter trading period and how things may not always be as they seem. First to note is that the pub closures are nothing […]

A Day in the Life of a Property Manager

So what does a property manager do? William is a Property Manager at Vickery Holman, based in our Truro office.  William  joined Vickery Holman 9 months ago, having moved to Cornwall from London. This article is about a day in the life of a Property Manager in Cornwall and no, it’s not just about changing […]

Pandemic Clauses in Leases

Pandemic Clauses in Leases Given the unprecedented situation we were faced with back in 2020, many tenants are now mindful that their conventional commercial leases do not provide a safety net should the Government require tenants to stop trading. Specific pandemic clauses in leases may include the suspension of rent or a reduction in rental […]

Care Home Market UK – 2023 update

Care Home Market UK The care home market UK is expected to grow. The number of people aged 85 and over is forecast to increase from 1.7 million in mid-2020 to 3.1 million in mid-2045. To keep pace with this age-related growth, the number of retirement homes is estimated to need to grow by 8.8% […]

Net Zero requirements for new housing in Bath and North East Somerset

Bath and North East Somerset Council adopts policy requiring new housing to be net zero. In January 2023 Bath and North East Somerset declared that all future new housing will be required to be built to net-zero standards. The newly adopted policy will ensure the energy use of any proposed development in the area will […]