In difficult trading circumstances, the Tourism Awards recognises the best and the bravest

In times of well publicised challenges, Vickery Holman shines a positive light on the hospitality sector.

With the news full of reports for tough times and with everyone focussed on making the best of the Winter ahead, the hotels and hospitality team would like to spotlight those who are leaders in their field for all things tourism related in the South West. As a category sponsor within the upcoming Tourism regional awards across the Southwest, as hosted by Services for Tourism, it is a great opportunity to talk more positively about a sector which brings much joy to all those that use it.

Michael Easton, who looks after the hospitality agency side of the business at Vickery Holman comments ‘We have sponsored category awards for quite some time now and it is important to help promote those in the industry that work hard to be the best that they can be and deserve the recognition to continue to grow their businesses, provide further employment and help develop and shape the world of hospitality. Entrants are independently assessed and provided with feedback as part of the process and attended an awards celebration as finalists, with winners on the night having the chance for regional and then national recognition. At a time when money is tighter for everyone, it will be those that continue to push and promote that will attract new customers to their businesses, where goodwill is already at the heart of their success. We champion these operators and often learn some great ideas to bring back into our own business on levels of customer service and presentation.’

The awards for Cornwall took place in November, with Bristol, Bath and Somerset at the start of December and Devon, whilst announced in December will have their awards in early February. For a list of the finalists as announced, please click on the links below. Vickery Holman will be in attendance and continue to work closely with clients across the hospitality sector and across the region as a whole.

We were delighted to present Awards for Restaurant of the Year in Cornwall as follows:

Bronze: Hotel Meudon

Silver: Restormel kitchen

Gold: Idle Rocks



Cornwall Tourism Awards

Devon Tourism Awards

Bristol & Bath Tourism Awards


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