Good foundations to become a Building Surveyor

I have been with Vickery Holman for a little over four months now, joining the Truro office in June 2022 alongside completing my master’s dissertation which I handed in last month. Vickery Holman have been incredibly flexible and supportive throughout the time I spent on my dissertation alongside working for them, allowing me to work part time so that I could allow time to focus on my studies. Having completed this I now work full time as part of the Truro building surveying team on a wide variety of projects, and no two days have been the same.

My time has been split between office time and a healthy amount of time on site. Due to Vickery Holman’s progressive nature, I have already been involved in various different property types ranging from apartments to warehouses to churches. Within this, the work I have been involved with has targeted almost every subject field of building surveying, and I have worked on surveys, BRCAs, disputes and more! Vickery Holman has given me ample responsibility, allowing me to work on projects in a fairly solo capacity already, while still providing me the structure and support I have needed to confidently act on such responsibilities.

The APC is a daunting task for any graduate; however Vickery Holman provides an incredible amount of support and guidance in working towards its completion. From structured training days to both a supervisor and a counsellor, the help has allowed me to confidently stay on track towards its completion. In order to increase my experience and allow me to meet more of the team, I have spent time in the other offices, allowing me an insight into other locations from both a company and project perspective. Networking is also a heavily encouraged activity both internally and externally. Events such as company days have allowed me to meet colleagues from across offices, with everyone having been very welcoming. Networking with other companies has allowed me to meet graduates in other roles and professionals of all levels of experience in many fields. There have been some great events ranging from beach volleyball to cocktail classes and I look forward to seeing what is organised next!

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