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As a company, VH hold the development of our graduates as a high priority as we believe this is the bedrock to us being a diverse and progressive firm.  Its our belief that this dedicated training role supports that aim.

Graduate route through APC

Vickery Holman have a dedicated training manager in Nicola Murrish.  Nicola has a wealth of knowledge and experience in supporting graduates through their APC.  With a background in General Practice Surveying, Nicola has been supporting our graduates in their Structured Training Programmes for many years and most achieving professional qualification to Member status to the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) at their assessment. Nicola manages each candidate’s training from start to finish, tracking their progress at regular intervals, organising and providing training and supporting their departments in ensuring they receive the breadth of experience they require.  Nicola organises a series of annual tests to track progress and mock interviews leading up to the final stages of their training.

At the moment, Nicola is supporting 13 Graduates as part of their training with some having sat their assessment in the spring with 100% pass rate and others due to take theirs very soon.  We have also been able to support those without degrees in obtaining their Associate RICS qualification via the routes provided.

Nicola comments “I’m really pleased that we are playing such a big part in the development of graduates.  We understand that it can be an adjustment to come straight from university into the workplace.  We are able to provide continued training support beyond assessment and are able to offer a career development programme, to those employees who wish to further become part of our employee-owned company.  In addition to the standard university route, we have also had success with mature graduates who have changed careers later in their work lives and some of these people now hold management positions within the company.

Always looking to take on enthusiastic employees within our Building Surveying, Property Management, Commercial Agency and General Practice Surveying teams, Nicola always welcomes any queries from anyone looking to go into the surveying field.  She can be contacted via email at [email protected]


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