Business rates are an unavoidable part of life for many businesses and our business rates consultancy team works with landlords and tenants to see if we can help you reduce your business costs. Checking your eligibility for business rates relief or assessing the accuracy of your business rates assessment is a sensible step in reducing your business overheads.

The process of checking and challenging your business rates assessment can be complex and requires specialist expertise. Our business rates team are here to help occupiers of commercial properties with all aspects of their business rates liability across the South West. We recognise business rates are a major outgoing for all occupiers of commercial property and our priority is to provide you with the best advice throughout the life of the rating list, to help you save money.

We have business rates specialists covering Cornwall, Devon, Somerset and the Bristol area who can advise on a range of business rates related matters, including checking and challenging rating assessments on occupied, empty or partially vacant properties as well as reviewing historic billing errors. Our business rates consultancy specialists have the expertise to guide you through all the reliefs and opportunities available to minimise your business rates liability.

Whether you are looking for advice on an existing business premises or one you are looking to acquire, we are here to help.

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About Business Rates Consultancy

The Vickery Holman business rates consultancy team act for owners and occupiers of commercial properties, checking, challenging and when necessary, appealing business rates assessments. We advise on a range of property types and sectors including industrial, retail, offices, leisure, and trade related, such as public houses and caravan and holiday parks. Our team of experts work closely with our Valuation and Agency services, who help to provide a wider source of market evidence to achieve successful appeals. Our team have a proven record in successfully appealing rateable values, advising on reliefs and exemptions, and uncovering historic billing errors.

We offer proactive advice to minimise rates liability on empty and partially vacant properties. Our rates mitigation strategies have successfully saved our clients thousands, helping to reduce the financial burden at a time where there is no income. Further, our investment in specialist rating software helps us to examine your historical business rates bills and identify any overpayments.

Our business rates experts include valuation specialists and Honours members of the Institute of Revenues Rating and Valuation association. Our team are based across the region and would be pleased to talk to you about your commercial property matters.

Our consultants specialise in:

If you would like to discuss any of these services further, please do not hesitate to contact us using the details below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are business rates?

Business rates are a tax on the occupation of non-domestic property such as pubs, hotels, holiday rentals, warehouses, and shops, with the occupier being liable for the cost. This is usually the owner or occupier. If a property is empty, the liability lies with the owner or leaseholder. Business rates can be the biggest overhead for a business after rent and staff costs, so it is worth using a professional firm to review your business rates and check your rateable value is correct.

What is Rateable Value (RV)?

Rateable Value (RV) is the estimated amount a property would let for on the open market, on a full repairing and insuring lease basis, on a set valuation date. A property’s RV is calculated by the Valuation Office Agency (VOA). The RV is used by the local billing authority to calculate the business rates liability. The last revaluation conducted by the VOA came into effect on 1 April 2017 based on values as of 1 April 2015. It is possible your RV has been calculated incorrectly. A professional surveyor with expertise in business rates will be able to assess the accuracy of your assessment and in some cases, secure significant savings

How much are my business rates?

Business rates are calculated by the property’s RV and Uniform Business Rates (UBR) multiplier. The UBR is set by the Government at the start of a Rating List and can only increase in line with the annual change in inflation between September and September each year. The formula is RV x UBR. Our specialist rating software can provide you with an estimate of your business rates liability over the duration of the Rating List. It is also possible to estimate your business rates or you can use the Government business rates calculator here

Do I have to pay rates on an empty property?

Most property types are exempt from business rates for the first three months they are vacant. After this time, most businesses must pay full business rates, although there are some exceptions. Some properties can get extended empty property relief; for example, industrial and warehouse properties are exempt for a further three months, giving them six months before the owner or occupier must pay business rates.

The exceptions to the three-month initial period are:

  • Industrial premises (for example warehouses) are exempt for a further three months
  • Listed buildings (until they are re-occupied)
  • Buildings with a rateable value under £2,900 (until they are re-occupied)
  • Properties owned by charities if the property’s next use will be mostly for charitable purposes
  • Community amateur sports clubs’ buildings if the next use will be mostly as a sports club

If you are the owner of a commercial property which is empty, or likely to become empty, please contact us to see how we can help you mitigate your liability for business rates.

Can I appeal the Rateable Value?

You can appeal your RV where there is evidence to show the RV is excessive or where other factors impact the rental value of a property. To do so, you must follow the Check, Challenge, Appeal (CCA) process. CCA is a three-stage online service, with incorrect factual details being dealt with at the check and the valuation at the challenge. You need to have completed the check stage first before you can submit a challenge. The Valuation Office Agency (VOA) deals with checks and challenges, whilst the independent Valuation Tribunal for England handles appeals.

Do I qualify for Small Business Rates Relief?

You can get Small Business Rates Relief (SBRR) if your property’s RV is less than £15,000 and your business only uses one property. 100% Relief is available for properties with a RV of £12,000 or less and on a sliding scale between £12,001 and £14,999. If you use more than one property, you will qualify for SBRR on your main property, if the aggregate of the RVs is less than £20,000 and none of your other properties have a RV above £2,899.

What Covid-19 business rates support is available?

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic the Government announced a package of support comprising of one-off grant payments and reliefs for certain sectors as follows:

  • The Government has expanded the previous retail relief discount so all retail, hospitality, leisure, and nursery businesses will receive 100% business rates relief in 2020/21. This is irrespective of the property’s rateable value.
  • If you do not qualify for the small business grant, retail, leisure, and hospitality businesses are eligible for grant funding of £10,000 for properties with a RV up to and including £15,000. A cash grant of £25,000 is available for properties with a RV over £15,000 and below £51,000.
  • There is currently some discussion about whether the business rates support will be extended but there have been no announcements about this.
  • The Government announced a new range of financial measures to assist businesses in the retail, hospitality and leisure sectors in January 2021. Eligible businesses with a RV of £15,000 or under will receive £4,000. There will be £6,000 for businesses with a RV between £15,000 and £51,000, and £9,000 for businesses with a RV of over £51,000.
Do I need to pay business rates if I work from home?

You do not normally need to pay business rates if you work from home, assuming you are only using a small part of your home as an office, for example, or if you sell goods by post. If your property is part domestic and part commercial, for example if you live above your shop, you may need to pay both business rates and council tax. If you employ people at your home or if you sell goods or services to people who visit your property, you may be liable for business rates. Similarly, if you have converted part of your home to a workspace – a gym or salon, for example – you may be liable for business rates.

Can you check my historic business rates payments?

Using specialist rating software, we can examine your historical business rates payments dating back to 1990 to identify any overpayments. Where we uncover historic billing errors, we recover those sums on your behalf and ensure a rebate is issued accordingly.

Recent Success

Veterinary Practice

Our expertise in checking business rates assessments covers an extensive array of property types – we recently saved a Veterinary Practice £21,000 in business rates by correcting three errors found in the business rates assessment.

Vickery Holman were acting on behalf of the owner of a veterinary practice which opened in 2019; the VOA did not inspect the property which resulted in an incorrect entry in the 2017 Rating List. The owner had been unable to rectify this; the rateable value (RV) of the property and the business rates liability were therefore far too high.

Vickery Holman were instructed to liaise with the VOA to secure the removal from the business rates assessment of two residential apartments which were incorrectly included in the assessment as office accommodation. The RV of this accommodation totalled £7,490.

At inspection, we also noted an area included in the business rates assessment as “internal storage” was, in fact, a plant room with restricted head room which could also be removed from the assessment. The RV of this area was £5,667.

Furthermore, our inspection revealed that an ‘outdoor arena’ included in the business rates assessment did not exist and therefore also needed to be removed.

A check was submitted to the VOA resulting in the removal of the ‘internal storage’ and ‘outdoor arena’ from the business rates assessment and a reduction of £5,750 in RV. However, the VOA refused to remove the residential accommodation at this stage. Rather than progress to challenge, we submitted a further check on the new assessment re-stating the facts of the case. The result of this second check was the successful removal of the residential accommodation and a further RV reduction.

The RV was reduced by £10,750 in total and backdated to 2019. The reduction represented an overall saving of £21,000 for our client.

Recent Success

Office Building

We recently saved our Client, the occupier of a large office building, £80,000 in business rates during a programme of refurbishment.

If your property is uninhabitable due to redevelopment works, it may be possible to reduce your RV or have it removed from the Rating List altogether. We have had recent success in removing a client’s property from the 2017 Rating List, effectively reducing their business rates liability to £0 during a programme of redevelopment works.

An office building was undergoing significant refurbishment and our Client, the owner-occupier, continued to be liable for business rates despite being unable to occupy the building during the works.

We submitted a detailed check with extensive supporting evidence to the VOA and negotiated on the Client’s behalf.

The outcome was the successful removal of the property from the 2017 Rating List whilst the works were being carried out. This resulted in a business rates rebate and an overall saving of £80,000.

Recent Success

Lockyer Street, Plymouth

Vickery Holman have recently helped a Plymouth office client save over £30,000 in business rates. This client was one of many period office occupiers effected by the ‘Woolway v Mazars Case’, which concerned the rating of different floors in a large multi-occupied building. In 2015 and of the back of this case, the VOA took the view that individual offices in multi-occupied buildings should be assessed separately, meaning many occupiers lost their small business rates relief entitlement, worth up to £5,800 per year in many cases.

In 2018 and in response to a reversal of the decision in ‘Woolway v Mazars’, the VOA made the decision to allow offices which shared a common wall, ceiling or floor to be merged as one assessment, effective from April 2017. This process has 2 positive effects on occupiers:

  1. By having one assessment with a Rateable Value of under £15,000, the occupiers is often re-eligible for small business rates relief, meaning no business rates to pay in many cases.
  2. The larger an office is, the lower rate per square metre is applied to the assessment. This can reduce the Rateable Value of an assessment substantially.

The VOA have since on request remerged thousands of office premises. However, they do not carry out this task automatically. It is the occupier who must register an application. We have a dedicated business rates team who are experienced in assessing potential merging opportunities and who are happy to discuss how we can help you in this area, or with any other business rates enquiry.

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