More land needed for development in Cornwall

Development land needed in Cornwall

Cornwall’s ‘Call for (development) Sites’ 

Cornwall Council, as Local Planning Authority, have begun a review of their current Development Plan which expires in 2030.

The underlying tenor for the new Plan is population growth. To do this there needs to be development of not only housing but also employment space, community infrastructure and tourist facilities. To support this development land will also be required for open spaces, biodiversity improvements and energy generation. The Plan will seek to create good development that reflects and improves on the county’s quality of life.

The Council have asked the community to identify land that it thinks would be suitable for development in the future i.e., the next 20 years. To be suitable the land should be adjacent to existing settlements, be at least 1 acre in size, and not be subject to any obvious development constraints e.g, within a Special Area of Conservation, Site of Special Scientific Interest or Flood Zone 3b.

The Council will review all sites nominated and create a Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) to help inform how it manages the future development in Cornwall. Whilst the SHLAA refers to housing the Call is land for all development including community uses.

This is an opportunity for the community of Cornwall to influence the future development of its homeland and landowners to promote their land for development. It should not be missed.

Vickery Holman has a specialist development team.  Across the South West, we advise a wide range of clients, among them private residential and commercial developers; land owners, registered providers; banks and local authorities, dealing with urban brownfield sites; rural exception sites; greenfield and urban extensions; and single build plots, ensuring developments are financially viable and deliverable.

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