Plans drawn up by a chartered building surveyor can serve multiple purposes related to title plans, boundary disputes, and conveyancing processes.

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Title Plans

  1. Accurate representation: Building surveyors can create detailed plans that accurately represent the boundaries and features of a property as outlined in the Title deeds. These plans provide clarity and assurance regarding the extent and dimensions of the property. 
  2. Compliance with Land Registry requirements: Surveyors ensure that the plans meet the standards set by the Land Registry for Title plans. This includes providing clear and precise representations of the property boundaries, adjoining properties, and any relevant physical features. 
  3. Support for Land Registry applications: Plans prepared by surveyors can support applications to the Land Registry for registration of Title, transfer of ownership, or other legal transactions. They provide essential documentation to verify property boundaries and facilitate the registration process.

Boundary Disputes 

  1. Identification of boundaries: Building surveyors use their expertise to accurately identify property boundaries. They conduct detailed surveys, examine historical documents, and assess physical markers to establish the true extent of the property. 
  2. Resolution of disputes: Surveyors play a crucial role in resolving boundary disputes by providing expert opinions and evidence to clarify ownership boundaries and rights. Their impartial assessments help parties reach negotiated settlements or provide persuasive evidence in court proceedings.
  3. Boundary mapping: Surveyors can create precise boundary maps and plans that clearly delineate property lines, easements, and other relevant features. These maps assist in visualising the boundaries and understanding the context of the dispute.


  1. Due diligence: Plans drawn up by surveyors are essential for conducting due diligence in property transactions. They provide buyers, sellers, and conveyancers with accurate information about the property’s boundaries, dimensions, and any potential encumbrances or restrictions. 
  2. Risk mitigation: Surveyors help mitigate risks associated with property transactions by identifying any discrepancies or inconsistencies in the Title plans or boundary descriptions. Their thorough assessments ensure that buyers are fully informed about the property’s characteristics and any potential legal issues. 
  3. Facilitation of transactions: Plans prepared by surveyors streamline the conveyancing process by providing clear and reliable documentation of the property’s layout and boundaries. They enable smoother transactions and reduce the likelihood of disputes arising after the sale.

Plans drawn up by chartered building surveyors play a critical role in various aspects of property ownership, boundary determination, and conveyancing. They provide accurate representations of property boundaries, support the resolution of boundary disputes, and facilitate smooth and transparent property transactions. With their expertise in land surveying, property law, and construction, surveyors play a vital role in ensuring clarity, certainty, and legal compliance in property matters.

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