30 May 19 by Stephen Maycock

Are you a landowner who thinks that your land might have development potential? We can help…

As a starter we can advise you on the potential of your land, its value and provide an indication as to the likelihood of successfully obtaining a planning consent for development, be it residential or commercial.

Should it be worth investigating matters further, then we can advise you on the different methods of realising the value from your land.

We would normally recommend that an owner retains control of the planning process and gain the necessary planning permission so as to optimise the value of the land at the point of sale. We work closely with many different planning consultants and architects and can co-ordinate this accordingly. Our expert local knowledge in this sector enables us to ensure that an ‘optimal’ development which maximises the value of your asset is achieved.

Due to the evolving planning process and need for specialist reports and surveys to support an application, the associated cost can be such that it is not always feasible for a land owner to pursue a planning permission themselves.

There are other methods of achieving planning consent and realising value without the land owner incurring the initial cost. These include option agreements, conditional contracts and promotion agreements. We can advise on the merits of each depending on the specific circumstances.

If you are a land owner and would like to explore your options, then please contact Stephen Maycock.