Planned Preventative Maintenance(PPM) Surveys

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PPM services for the South West

Vickery Holman offers property owners and tenants with full repairing and insuring leases, a planned preventative maintenance (PPM) survey for the site to enable planning and budgeting for repairs. For tenants this can reduce end of lease dilapidation liabilities, as well as unexpected costs. 

We would inspect all external areas (including boundaries) and buildings. We would report on the site inspection using our standard Excel template for PPM surveys. The report will grade the condition of each element, the year any required maintenance work needs to be undertaken (Urgent, Year 1-3, Year 3-5, and Year 5 plus) and include a budget cost. 

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Additional Surveys

We can advise and arrange for the instruction of further consultants such as: 

  • Drone surveys for properties with inaccessible or complex roofs
  • Mechanical and Electrical system consultants 
  • Structural Engineers
  • Fire Risk Assessors
  • Asbestos surveyors 
PPM Property Surveys - Vickery Holman

Why have a Planned Preventative Maintenance Survey?

We believe the advantages of performing planned preventive maintenance can be summarised as follows: 

  • Prolongs the life of your property in a good and tenantable condition.
  • Reduces potential business interruption or vacancy at lease expiry.
  • Decreases reactive maintenance requests and prevents the increased costs of emergency repairs from occurring.
  • Helps you manage statutory compliance and inspection needs.
  • Increases tenant engagement and satisfaction.

If you would like to find out more, please contact James Vowles at our Bristol Office to discuss further. 

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Planned Preventative Maintenance FAQs

Our RICS qualified building surveyors can assess the condition of your property and draw up a schedule of maintenance including time and costs required.  Contact our building surveyors with the property details and we can provide a quote for the schedule.  Owners or tenants can put in place a Planned Preventative Maintenance schedule, allowing them to budget and plan for ongoing maintenance.

Some aspects of planned preventative maintenance relate to statutory maintenance obligations to comply with building and Health and Safety regulations, so incorporating those into your maintenance schedule will assist your compliance with the law.

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