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Our commercial property team works with people looking for new premises or land and with owners looking to sell. With a strong regional focus on the South West, we can advise you on market values and activity levels in your area. 

Are you looking to sell or buy commercial property?

With a strong regional focus on the South West, we can advise you on market values and activity levels in your area. Vickery Holman has been helping clients buy and sell commercial property or land for over 30 years so we certainly understand what you are likely to want and need from our commercial agents. 

Commercial Property Sales and Purchases - Vickery Holman

We can help you with the full range of property from office, industrial, retail, hospitality and leisure through to development opportunities including land. Vickery Holman stands out from other commercial agents because we have other property related services inhouse, meaning that we can offer you a complete service and have specialists in other areas that we can draw upon.

Our teams include 20 registered RICS Valuers and we also have specialists in lease advisory, building surveying and property management as well as a team of business rates consultants. Once you work with Vickery Holman, you’ll find that you don’t need to look elsewhere for commercial property expertise.

Our development team have detailed knowledge of viability studies and market opportunities. To take a look at what they can provide click here.

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We have over 20 RICS Valuers based all over the South West with in depth local knowledge of market values. Putting a value on commercial property is more complicated than valuing residential property. To find out more about valuation, please click here. To get a valuation on your commercial property, please contact one of our offices and we’ll put you in touch with the best person to help you.

The commercial market depends on the area and the local supply and demand. Properties that are priced appropriately, in a good location and in good condition can sell quickly. Generally, it can take anything from a few weeks to a year depending on the local market. We will work with you to achieve the best result for you in terms of speed and price. 

There are a number of considerations when buying a commercial property. We could advise you get the property surveyed, and we have a Building Surveying team that can assist you. Do your research about the location, market values, transport links, other developments in the area and planning restrictions. Have the contract checked carefully and use a commercial property lawyer. Check the Rateable Value (RV) as business rates can be a considerable cost. We have a Business Rates team who are very good at checking and challenging RVs.

Market appraisals give a seller an idea of what a property might fetch on the market whereas valuations are more formal. A valuation must be carried out by an RICS Registered Valuer following strict professional guidelines. Valuations generally look backwards at what has sold or let, whereas market appraisals look forward to what something might sell or let at. When undertaking a market appraisal we use our knowledge of what the market is looking for to provide our advice.

You can appeal your RV where there is evidence to show the RV is excessive or where other factors impact the rental value of a property. To do so, you must follow the Check, Challenge, Appeal (CCA) process. CCA is a three-stage online service, with incorrect factual details being dealt with at the check and the valuation at the challenge. You need to have completed the check stage first before you can submit a challenge. The Valuation Office Agency (VOA) deals with checks and challenges, whilst the independent Valuation Tribunal for England handles appeals. 

The majority of properties will require an EPC when being let or sold. There are some exceptions and further information can be found here.

From 1st April 2025 all let properties will require an EPC. In order to let a property the rating has to be an E or above. However from 1st April 2027 that will be a C and from 1st April 2030 it will need to be a B. 

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