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RICS Panel Arbitrator & Independant Expert

Sometimes, despite the original intentions, it proves impossible for parties subject to a dispute to come to an agreement. It may be a rent review under a lease, a lease renewal, a partnership dispute or determining a purchase price under an option to buy.

Most documents governing the issue will provide a reference to a third party – an arbitrator or independent expert. In the case of a lease renewal the parties may opt for arbitration or a reference to an independent expert, rather than ending up in court.

The procedures, legal framework and roles are significantly different when comparing an arbitrator with an expert. Our experienced and informed staff can guide you through the process and represent you during the dispute resolution procedure.

The parties can even agree to a joint appointment of an arbitrator or independent expert.

Nick Holman is a member of the Arbitrator and Independent Expert Panels run by the President of the RICS and is highly experienced. It is to these panels that many parties resort when they need someone to determine their dispute.

If you would like to discuss this service further, please do not hesitate to contact us.

RICS Panel Arbitrator & Independant Expert Team

Nick Holman