‘Affordable Housing’ refers to properties with restricted tenures intended to accommodate local people with lower or medium incomes which means their values are lower than market housing. There is a range of different affordable housing products, including Affordable Rent, Social Rent, Shared Ownership, Discount Sale and Starter Homes, among others. Different Local Planning Authorities favour different products.

Our experienced and knowledgeable team regularly undertake valuations of affordable housing throughout the South West including for secured lending and acquisition purposes.

Our team can advise on all aspects of affordable housing delivery including design, tenure type and mix, to maximise values and ensure compliance with local planning policy.

We are also able to provide Registered Providers (RP’s) with Red Book Valuations to facilitate the acquisition of land and s106 stock. We would typically be asked to advise on open market values, rents, 1999 sale values, land values and on the value of the stock (s106 units) being considered for acquisition.

We also engage with RP’s on behalf of developers to find suitable partners to deliver on-site affordable housing requirements. Our role is to maximise the value of the affordable housing offer for the developer whilst at the same time finding the right partner who has the ability to proceed.

In addition, we can provide Financial Viability Assessments to support planning applications and can carry out negotiations with Local Planning Authorities to agree s106 terms. For more information on this please click here.

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