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EPC Rule Changes

April Fool’s Day saw the introduction of MEES. Where a property cannot be let or a lease cannot be renewed if the property has an […]

Valid Landlord Redevelopment

In light of the change in MEES and the 1st April 2018 date quickly looming, perhaps rather than renew a lease, it gives the chance […]

Dilapidations on Residential Conversions

Should a Landlord choose to redevelop their property under Permitted Development Rights (PDR), are they still above to recover any dilapidations at the end of […]

Rent Reviews

Whether a rent review clause makes ‘time of the essence’ is an important factor for both Landlords and Tenants to consider. Missing a time limit […]

Lease Renewals

The expiry of a lease is an important issue for both Landlords and Tenants. Unlike Rent Reviews, everything is up for grabs – lease term, […]

Dilapidations – Tenant’s Cost or Landlord’s Profit

Always viewed by tenants as the landlord profiteering, while landlords believe tenants leave the property in disrepair and a worse condition than at commencement of the lease.