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Who is Responsible for Repairs?

When leasing a commercial property, there are different types of repairing liabilities which put different amounts of responsibility on the landlord and tenant. Full Repairing […]

How Much Rent Should I Pay?

Usually the rents displayed on property details will be shown as ‘per annum’, which means yearly. Landlords won’t usually expect the rent to be payed […]

The Commercial Leasing Process

So you’ve found a property you want to lease, what next? Step 1 – Once you have viewed the property and decided you would like […]

What is an Expert Witness?

An expert witness can be appointed by one party to provide their expert opinion on a specific dispute. Alternatively they can be appointed as a […]

What is Adjudication?

Adjudication is a form of dispute resolution used in construction contracts; it is generally shorter than arbitration and has a strict timetable based on the […]

What is Arbitration?

Arbitrators are often appointed to resolve disputes in preference to court proceedings. It is a formal process that involves the appointment of an arbitrator by […]

When do I need a Charity Act report?

Charities must obtain appropriate advice when acquiring or disposing of interest in property from someone who has the ability and experience to do so competently, […]

Inside or Outside?

One of the key roles of the 1954 Landlord & Tenant Act was the introduction of Security of Tenure. This means that the Tenant has […]

To Re-Gear or Not to Re-Gear, Is That the Question?

We are all of course aware of the economic downturn which the country encountered but one potential benefit which has come from this has been […]

Benefits of Rent Review and Lease Renewal Portfolio Management

Market sentiment across all sectors has improved over the past 12 months and although a time to celebrate, it is imperative that Landlords and occupiers […]