Answering property myths: How much does it cost to get my property surveyed?

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How much does a commercial property survey cost?

At Vickery Holman, as an RICS Regulated firm, we are often asked to provide clients with surveys on their property so it’s worth knowing how much to expect a chartered surveyor to quote for a building survey. But, how much does a commercial property survey cost? Well, in this article, we answer this very question.

The cost of a commercial property survey

When trying to establish how much a building survey will cost, there are several factors which need to be taken into consideration. The cost of a full building survey would start from £650 plus VAT which includes inspection and reporting. We are also able to undertake specific defect surveys or areas of specific concerns from £250 plus VAT. All quotes are subject to the usual VAT charges.

However, there are factors which need to be taken into account when providing a quote.

  1. The purpose of the survey
  2. The size, use, type and location of the property
  3. Timescales

The purpose of the survey

There are a number of different types of building survey. They can range from a full building survey to a major elements survey or a specific defect analysis survey all of which are described more on our commercial property surveyor page. If you are not sure what you need, or if you have specific concerns, then it is always worthwhile seeking the advice of a chartered building surveyor, who can advise you based on your desired outcomes. If further investigation surveys are recommended by other specialist contractors, such as mechanical and electrical, drainage or asbestos surveys then these will always be discussed with you and prices confirmed before instructions are placed.

The size, use and condition of the property

As you would expect, if the survey is for a historic residential property in poor condition with many rooms of varying shapes and sizes along with outbuildings, then this property will be more expensive to survey than, for example, a modern industrial unit or commercial building. As you would imagine the former will take much longer to inspect and report on than the latter. The inspection is the first element of the job and reporting will be done in writing and compiled from the observations made and recorded during the inspection. Finally, the location of the property will play a factor, this would take into account the area, which would impact on the property value and also the access to the property, which may need specialist equipment.

The timescales involved

A standard report can normally be produced within 10 working days from the point of inspection. Of course, if shorter timescales are required then these can be accommodated under certain circumstances, but this may incur additional costs.

Although a building survey can be seen as a significant outlay, it is a worthwhile investment as this will highlight any significant issues likely to require remedial work. A planned maintenance survey, for instance, can be used for budgetary setting which will identify the ongoing cost of a property to you in future years and prioritise where money is best invested for the ongoing maintenance and repair of the property.

The benefit of turning to a Chartered Surveyor for advice is that they can provide a high level of experience. Vickery Holman building surveyors cover the South West region, with local surveyors working from our four offices in Truro, Plymouth, Exeter and Bristol. If you have a query or would like to discuss any requirements that you might have please contact your local office.

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